✨🩸💕💦Ilibi: The Slime Controller💦💕🩸✨


Ilibi is an alien species that came from deep space on an asteroid and has been categorized as a 'Slime Controller". She is translucent in appearance and warm(102°F) to the goopy touch. Her clothes and form are synthesized from her own slime that has hardened over time which was likely learned as a form of adaptation from viewing media of humans on earth. Her diet consumes mainly of glucose and consumes food by simply enveloping it into her body. This enables her to secrete a thick slime or goo that serves a multitude of primal needs. A few examples are... a web cocoon for shelter, a trap for unsuspecting prey, and a restorative serum for her body. Ilibi communicates through telepathy and has the ability to control one's mind if in direct contact with her slime. Her intentions are unknown.

November 8, 2021