🌀🧟‍♀️⚾The Fall Classic ⚾🧟‍♀️🌀

Kaori Kusada is an all-star baseball player for the Yokohama Cerberus Spirals. She is a 10x MVP with a 1.000 Batting average. Her record is flawless as are her skills. Her secret formula isn't time spent practicing or studying the game.... it was selling her soul for a chance at baseball immortality to an inconspicuous umpire after one of her games. The following game in the 3rd inning a line drive smacked her in the face rendering her unconscious and putting her into a coma. For years in her unconscious brain, she kept winning and being the hero and the undisputed MVP of the league. In late October of the 7th year as her family came to visit her.... the World Series was heard faintly playing in her hospital room. They see no signs of improvement and request to unplug her life support. "...The Fall Classic..." is heard on the television before it turns off. "Oops wrong plug...." says the doctor nervously and proceeds to swiftly unplug Kaori. Baseball immortality had become realized.

October 29, 2022