🌊🐚🪸🪝Sublime💎 Calamity🌊🐚🪸🪝

Cast into the depths for her defiance, the female shipmate met an unjust fate as she was sealed within a treasure chest of counterfeit doubloons and thrown overboard. Her energy, fueled by misandry and betrayal, refuses to rest.
In the shallow waters along the southern everglades a spectral figure draped in algae and adorned with shells emerges. This sea banshee... its form shifting and shimmering beneath the moonlight that resonates with an eerie melody that drifts across the waves. The haunting vesper, both cathartic and unnerving, beckons to men, luring them from the safety of the shore into the treacherous depths. Drawn by the irresistible compulsion, They follow the specters call, unaware of the dangers that lie beneath the dark, undulating surface. Once within an arms grasp of her...the undertow drags them into their watery grave to be consumed by the sea once more. Innocent energy being the only acceptable vector consumed as the catalyst for another beckon of the siren's call.

May 27, 2024