Brand Ambassador: Null Miyamoto (ヌル 宮本)

*Buzz!! Buzz!!*
A wide smile from a gapped tooth green haired girl sporting a large flag reading "ヒールベル" (healbell) with matching clothes appeared at my door. She knew exactly who I was and charismatically introduced herself. "Hi!, my name is Null Miyamoto and i'm excited to get started!" I asked her "for what?" and she adamantly replied to me "Class Rep and Brand Ambassador for 'healbell LLC' " she claimed my brand lacked a figurehead to latch onto and her looks uncannily fit the prototype of most of my character designs. I found myself meeting her already extended arm agreeing and shaking her hand... hiring her on the spot (without even the consideration of finances/work/logistics) She handed me over her color concepts and rebranded logo design. They were strong but needed some more personalization but it was a great foundation to build off of. Null will be popping in semi-frequently as employee #2 at healbell!

Brand Ambassador for healbell!

Real Name: Null Miyamoto (ヌル 宮本)
Location: Tokyo Japan 東京都、日本)
Occupation: Brand Ambassador
Skills: Fashion, Model, Athlete, Yo-yo

Age: 27
Birthday: November 16th,1994
Bloodtype: O
Astrological Sign: Scorpio ♏︎
Height: 5' 9"(180cm)
Weight: 166lbs (74.2kg)
Waist: 28" (71.1cm)
Bust: 40" (101.6cm)
Hip: 40" (101.6cm)
Bra: 32K(30HH)
Personality Type: ESFP (The Performer)
Hobbies: Rhythm Games, Mukbang, Sports!, Yo-yoing, Techno
Favorite Foods: Ramen, French Fries, Boba
Motto:"Life; Internet; Death; Cloud"
Emotional Capacity: Very Warm
Fears: Bad Internet Connection, Beavers, Critical Thinking
Mental Habits: Scatterbrained, Overly Optimistic, "Wingin' It"
Physical Habits: Minimal Blinking, Nervous Smile, Energetic Idle Bounce
Strengths: Ambitious, Athletics, Physique, Socializing,
Weaknesses: Gullible, Childish, Conceited, Short-Sighted
Quirks: Heterochromia, ADHD, Missing Tooth(yo-yo)

August 5, 2022